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In August of 2003 an agreement was reached between the Vilnius Koliz company and the Chystopol Watch Factory Vostok on the establishment of the joint company Koliz Vostok. The goal of the new company was the creation of a new watch series that would have both the modern design and quality. Thus, the new watch brand Vostok-Europe was created.

In April 2004 the first Vostok-Europe watch series was presented in the BaselWorld exhibition. The collection consisted of 5 models including the model “K3 Submarine” that became the first Vostok-Europe bestseller. The watch names were devoted to the most significant achievements of Soviet science and technology and were united by slogan “Soviet Techno Design”.

During May of 2004 the production of the movements 2426 and 2432 developed exclusively for Vostok-Europe began. The production line was developed by Runim Co.- a part of the Chystopol Watch Factory Vostok.

In the summer of 2004, to be precise – in August, the first watch shipments were sent to Germany, Poland, Greece and the USA.

After a year- in February 2005 Vostok-Europe becomes the official timekeeper of the Murmansk-Vladivostok race, which was held by the Russian company “Expedition

In the year 2006 the Vostok-Europe company moves into a new office that was designed especially for the effective work of the company.

By the year 2007 the number of countries where Vostok-Europe watches are being sold has risen to 30.

The limited edition of ”ENERGIA” watch series came out in 2008 and was the first andonly asymmetric Vostok-Europe watches.

The cooperation established in 2009 between Vostok-Europe and the Swiss company mbmicrotec has laid the foundation for the new collection of watches with tritium tubes. The result of this cooperation was the release of the ”Ekranoplan” watches – the first Vostok-Europe model with tritium illumination.

The ”Anchar” watches were released in 2010 and were the first VE watches for divers with both tritium tubes and water resistance up to 300 meters. The watches were equipped with movements from the Japanese firm SII.

Soon afterwards Vostok-Europe watches become the official watches of the Greek Football Federation.

In 2011 the slogan of the firm becomes “For Going to Extremes”. Moreover, during the same year Vostok-Europe watches become the official watches of the Free-Diving World Championship, the Greek Institute of Marine archeology, the auto-rally competition in Romania and the Enduro Rally in Lithuania. Lastly, world Muay Thai Champion Vadimir Moravcik (Slovakia) becomes a Vostok-Europe ambassador.

During the winter month January, 2012 the Anchar watches are successfully field-tested in the Dakar Rally on the wrist of a Lithuanian racer Gintautas Igaris. The rally was lasted for two week and the track was the impassable South American terrain.

Later that year “VE Are The Champions!” becomes the new motto leading the MMA One Fighting Championship awards in Singapore.

E regularly makes special editions of watches to NATO Army: for Underwater Demolition Units, for pilots of F-16 fighters and Apache helicopters, Submariners, Risky Swimmers and many other troops.

In July of 2012 Year 2012 the N1 Rocket Tritium watches were tested in an Expedition into the deepest cave in the world Krubera-Voronia. The Lithuanian-Ukranian Expedition to the more than 2 km deep cave took almost 2 weeks.

12 of April 2013 Lunokhod watch with multifunctional Swiss-made movement was launched out of the border of stratosphere – to the 16680 meters height– twice higher than Everest Mountain! The Lunokhod watch has perfectly survived -44 C temperature, 88mB vacuum and 1200mkR/h radiation level.

Famous Lithuanian pilot, Unlimited Aerobatics World Champion Jurgis Kairys became a new VE brand ambassador. Since summer of 2013 year world-famous pilot takes for flights the only special VE watch with his signature on the dial.

VE became a partner of famous Lithuanian racer Benediktas Vanagas – one of the most experienced racing drivers in Baltic countries. Anchar Titanium watches were tested during Dakar Rally-2014 on the wrists of all members of racing team.

The Word’s Strongest Man ZYDRUNAS SAVICKAS (“BIG Z”), multiple winner of the WORLD’s STRONGEST MAN, EUROPE’s STRONGEST MAN cups and multiple champion of the IFSA STRONGMAN championships became a new VE brand ambassador. Henceforth Big Z wears only his personal “BIG Z” watch of Lunokhod-2 automatic series with full list of his awards on the case back.

In 2014 year Vostok Europe produced the first in the world watches with column-wheel automatic chronographic movement NE88 from SII (Japan). These watches were the first automatic chronographs in the VE history and dedicated to the 10th anniversary of our company. The watch design was inspired by the world’s largest airplane— the AN-225 Mriya.

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